At Russell Medical we don't just treat your allergies, we get rid of them forever!
Russell Medical is partnered with Allervision to offer a comprehensive allergy program that includes testing for the 72 most common allergies in the region, customized sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops), regular follow up, and confirmatory testing to ensure your allergies are gone forever! And the best part is the whole process is "needle free!"

Sublingual Immunotherapy (Allergy Drops) - Allergy drops are a natural allergy remedy known as immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a process of desensitizing your body to allergens by introducing them to your body in small doses until your immune system learns to tolerate and eventually ignore them! Allergy drops are the most convenient form of immunotherapy. In the comfort of your own home you simply place a few drops of serum under your tongue every day. Unlike allergy shots, you will only need to visit your healthcare provider every 3 months for a quick follow up and refill. You will begin to notice the difference by your first follow up visit!

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